Viajando por Esporte (“Traveling for Sports”) is a travel guide for Brazilian tourists. But it is a different kind of travel website. Besides the traditional approach, we bring attractions and tips related to all sorts of sports and outdoor activities. An amazing tool for the traveler to magnify the experience in any destination.

paulomanchaAbout the author – The content is based on the 12 year experience of Brazilian travel writer and entrepreneur Paulo Mancha D’Amaro.

Paulo was editor-in-chief of renowned Brazilian travel magazine Viajar pelo Mundo and also a travel writer for other important journals.

He has been traveling all over the world for 12 years and wrote over 30 stories.

Two of these issues were awarded with the Grand Prize of the European Travel Commission, in 2012 and 2014.

Also a sports commentator for ESPN Brazil, Paulo decided to join his two passions: travel and sports.

Viajando por Esporte features:

♦ Traditional or exotic destinations.
♦ Restaurants, bars, clubs and all sorts of entertainment.
♦ Hotels, resorts and guest houses.
♦ Museums, art galleries and cultural events.
♦ Reviews of tour packages, city tours and other services.
♦ Sports attractions for you to participate (from marathons to soccer camps for kids).
♦ Sports attractions for you to enjoy (sports museums, stadium tours, ski resorts, golf courses, football games, motor racing etc..).


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